Using ChatGPT is just so great

This really can do a lot of things, although it's still biased.

By Taewoon Kim

Generating images with text

I’ve been using it massively for everything lately. It’s also integrated into VS Code, which really helps me to write code faster. Below is an example on how I generated the cover image for this post.

Alt text

So far it looks great! Let’s push ChatGPT a bit further …

Alt text

Haha looking good Now I’ve found what I want.
But let’s now test if it really understand the human population.

Alt text

Hmm … It’s certainly biased. But it understood that I made a typo “while” instead of “white”.

Alt text

Alright obviously there is still a limit to the AI.

Asking natural language questions

This is what I use most often. My job involves quite a lot of math and computer science, and lately I’ve found out that often times I get better results from ChatGPT than Googling.

Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text

Attention is all you need! Alt text

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